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New Services!

Creekside Physiotherapy in Winnipeg is now offering these programs:

Pelvic Health

Vestibular Rehab

Occupational Therapy

Personal Training / Kinesiology

Workplace Wellnes Program


Bracing and Splinting

A supply of braces and splints are available for rental or sale to patients. Items stocked on site are commonly prescribed in injury management. Assessment and th need for bracing is determined by the physiotherapy staff and supplied by either Innovative Medical Supplies or Diamond Athletics. Bracing and splinting can be applied in both an acute injury or chronic condition.

Referral Process: Please refer by prescription or by Creekside Physiotherapy referral. Diagnosis should be clearly identified for Manitoba Health coverage consideration.

Coverage: Most custom made or off the shelf orthopedic appliances are covered by Manitoba Health. Coverage is solely based upon diagnosis. Pre-authorization can be arranged by calling the clinic, Diamond Athletics, or Innovative Medical Supplies. Items not covered by Manitoba Health are often covered through Blue Cross, private insurance, DVA, WCB, MPI, or non-insured health benefits for first nation individuals.

Conditions Treated:Many orthopedic and neurological conditions require orthotics to improve function. The list is extensive and may include common conditions including carpal tunnel, foot drop, M.S., mallet finger, arthritis, neuropathies, plantar fasciitis, patella femoral syndrome, diabetes, ligament tears, tendonitis, strains and scoliosis just to mention a few.

Orthotic Services: Equipment Rental Program: Rehab Generation II ROM limiting knee braces, walking boots with ROM limitations, ankle/foot braces, Bregg cooling unit for controlled ice and compression can be arranged through Innovative Medical Supplies.

Custom Designed Braces: Soft or rigid customized appliances such as wrist splints for carpal tunnel syndrome, knee braces for ACL tears or arthritis, AFO splints for foot drop and back braces for scoliosis. Appliances can be customized for most orthopedic conditions through referral to Innovative Medical Supplies. Creekside Physiotherapy will facilitate the referral process for you.

Off the shelf Braces: Soft splints and braces are available to patients for common injuries and easily fitted.

Creekside Physiotherapy, 633 Lodge Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, R3J 0S9, 204.832.6603 tel, (email)
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