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New Services!

Creekside Physiotherapy in Winnipeg is now offering these programs:

Pelvic Health

Vestibular Rehab

Occupational Therapy

Personal Training / Kinesiology

Workplace Wellnes Program


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services are available through Creekside. When an injury, illness, or age related disability limits the ability of individuals to perform everyday tasks that are a component to a normal lifestyle at work or at home, then an occupational therapist can help to prevent, solve, or minimize the problems or barriers that interfere with independence. Occupational therapists are skilled in evaluating the functional level of individuals through close examination of their physical abilities within their specific environments; home, work or recreationally.


To prevent, solve or minimize barriers and risks when injury, illness or age challenge everyday tasks.


To maintain or improve safety and independence at work, play or in the home.

O. T. Services

  • Home Assessments (cognitive, home equipment needs)
  • Job Demand Analysis
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Work Site Ergonomic Assessments

Homesite Assessments

homesite assessments

Suitable for seniors or those congnitively or physically challenged having difficulty performing their activities of daily living (ADL) in their home or community. This type of assessment is conducted by an occupational therapist who is able to determine an individual’s ability to perform their activities of daily living (ADL) and make recommendations for changes. Safety and independence are the primary considerations of a homesite assessment.

Typical components of home site assessment include:

  • Interview with the individual and their family members
  • Physical testing
  • Observation of the individual performing functional tasks
  • Education and instruction regarding task modification
  • Energy conservation
  • Adaptive equipment or environmental adaptation recommendations

During this assessment the occupational therapist takes into consideration factors such as diagnosis, physical/cognitive limitations, medications, environmental risks or hazards, as well as lifestyle choices of the individual in order to make appropriate recommendations. A report can be completed afterward, if required, outlining the findings of the assessment. The occupational therapist can also assist with the subsequent implementation of equipment / changes to the home or more suitable living arrangements if required.

Worksite Ergonomics

worksite ergonomics

Ergonomics assesses the interactions between worker and worksite and work task in order to design an optimal situation to mitigate risk of repetitive strain and injury. Creekside assessments provide a clear understanding of the issues affecting the abilities and limitations of employees, which allows us to put into place and appropriate action plan using ergonomic recommendations and interventions.

Often the worksite needs to be addressed and modified in some cases in order to complete recovery of injuries relating to poor ergonomics and to avoid recurrence of the condition. Examples of conditions related to poor ergonomics may include carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI (repetitive strain injury). Creekside will come to your worksite and assess your specific workstation and make recommendations for change if necessary. Literature concerning proper computer terminal set-up is also available at the clinic.

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